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Social Assistance

We connect you with community resources that can protect and support you and your family.

Our team of application counselors, resource specialists, case managers, and lawyers work with the community to support families in need of health insurance, information and referrals, public benefits, and legal consultation.

Information and Referral

Each year, LCH connects with thousands of members and their families to provide essential resources for all aspects of life.

We Provide

  • Connection to in-house health, education, job placement services, legal clinic, and domestic violence counselors

  • Advocacy and liaison support with external agencies

  • Translation and interpretation of documents

  • Transportation support

  • Application support for affordable housing and utility assistance

  • Application support for SNAP (food stamps), WIC

The Social Assistance team provides firsthand experiences and recommendations on how to connect with community resources. No appointment is needed.

At no cost, any member of the community can visit LCH with their questions on how to find and receive support in the community. With questions ranging from how to apply for a library card to how to find additional food and supplies for a homeless family, the Social Assistance Team has compassion and resources to share with all members of the community in need of support.

In partnership with the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County (DVCCC), Counselors and Advocates from DVCCC are on-site in our West Grove and Kennett Square locations during LCH business hours.  By being on site, our case workers can directly connect and coordinate DVCCC services with our members.

Photo of Maria, a Caseworker, talking with a family (a mother with her two young children) about health insurance enrollment options at a desk in an office

Talk with a Resource Specialist today


Health Insurance Applications

LCH submits thousands of applications on behalf of community members during open enrollment for health insurance.

Enrollment Appointments

  • How does LCH help with enrollment?
    How does LCH help with enrollment?

    An LCH Certified Application Counselor will walk you through the application process, and work with you to submit an enrollment application through the computer. LCH will also follow-up to confirm you received coverage, and help with any open items. Call 610.444.7550 to schedule.

  • How do I know if I can enroll?
    How do I know if I can enroll?

    Contact LCH for an initial screening. We can help you determine if you qualify for health insurance. The screening takes about thirty minutes.

  • If I qualify, how long does an appointment take?
    If I qualify, how long does an appointment take?

    For those enrolling for the first time, it could take as much as two to three hours. For those re-enrolling, it could take up to an hour, depending on what has changed in your household.

  • Does the appointment cost money?
    Does the appointment cost money?

    No. The appointment is absolutely free!

Certified Application Counselors help community members of all ages with an initial health insurance screening, the application process, and follow-up.

The safety net of public benefits is a complicated, difficult, and often scary process for the most vulnerable in our community. By providing application support for health insurance enrollment and other public benefits, LCH helps the community be and stay healthier by protecting families through health insurance coverage. Health insurance enrollment is offered daily at LCH, but individual appointments for the full application process are scheduled ahead of time.

Photo of Caseworkers standing in front of Kennett Square building : Clark, Daphne, Marisol, Yanira, Betsy, Sergio, and Eduardo

Health insurance can keep hundreds of dollars in your pocket, and can improve your long-term health with regular check-ups with your doctor.

Case Management

LCH provides long-term support services for families that are seeking personal and financial stability.

Talk with a Case Manager today

Community members in need of long-term support are referred to a case manager, who develops short-term and long-term goals for themselves and their families.

As the case managers grow to understand the needs of a family, LCH provides multiple services on-site and through external referrals. Case managers meet with families on a frequent basis to help eliminate barriers and strategize next steps for achieving their goals.

Photo of Eduardo, a Caseworker, in his office talking with a young woman about community resources

LCH Social Assistance is now available in our West Grove location.

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