Social Services Along The Way

Juana has been attending LCH since she moved to the United States back in 2010 with her husband and daughter. She started visiting our medical site and got connected to the LCH Social Services Department.

Since her daughter has some special needs, she has been helped with transportation, a service where LCH helps their patients by driving them to appointments with specialists. Social Assistance has also helped her fill out an assortment of forms and connected her with agencies regarding housing and other needs.

She recalls the one moment when she moved to a new house, and she thought of Maria and Eduardo (LCH case workers) and how they had been following her story along the way. She says “I remember Maria would always check on me, and if I had everything I needed. Eduardo would always ask me how I was doing when he would take me to appointments. When I moved to my new apartment, they were so happy for me and they congratulated me.”

She says, “I like the Social Assistance because they help me with filling out papers and I’m very grateful with the services they offer.”